All information about new Prize bond of Rs.100

National Savings Pakistan announces ‘Student welfare bond’ (Rs.100)

Student Welfare Bond (SWB) Launching on 15th November, 2012
1st Draw will held on 15th February, 2013

Prizebond 100

The National Savings Islamic Republic of Pakistan declared a `Student Welfare Bond', which can be offered at workplace of National Saving Centres, Post offices and every one regular banks.This was declared by Director General National Savings, Zafar Mehmood throughout a gathering with delegation of National Youth Assembly.He said, "The purpose of introducing this Bond is to form the propensity of savings among youth; the sixty two % of the whole population", says a announcement here Mon.Zafar Mehmood aforesaid Student Welfare Bond would promote the habit of little savings among the scholars, and every bond would be issued before 2 months continuing the date of draw ought to qualify for a prize.

"This programme would be run below debt Act 1944 and therefore the quantitative relation of taxation would be levied in line with the present law", he additional hep.He additional aforesaid one saving bond would be of Rs one hundred and there's no higher limit on its shopping for, adding that this theme isn't supposed for generating cash however to push saving culture in youth.

Lucky draw of the scholars Welfare Bonds are control once every quarter and most prize of those bonds would be Rs 700,000, in conjunction with different little prizes.Zafar Shaikh aforesaid that the National Savings Organization was absolutely committed to supply most relief to little savers because the organization provides market-based come to little and social class savers by introducing the prize bond of lowest denomination.

It would not solely cut back dependency of the govt on external borrowings however would additionally facilitate students meet expenses incurred on their studies, he said.The delegation of National Youth Assembly junction rectifier by President, Hanan Ali Abbasi, has projected some helpful suggestions in terms of to Student Welfare Bond.The President NYA extremely appreciated the step taken by the National Savings and commented, "it was our long need to stabilize the youth of the country financially at governmental level, and that i feel that it's a primary step towards achieving monetary eudaemonia of students"

During this meeting, a comprehensive media campaign for making awareness has been devised. in line with the arrange, associate exclusive TV ad shall be shot. Besides that it's additionally set that print, electronic and social media are utilised for the aim.

"The National Youth Assembly can enter nice lengths to form general awareness in additional than one hundred districts of the country, wherever we tend to square measure operative in a very full-swing", aforesaid Hanan Abbasi. Hanan additionally urged to initiate Gramin Bank-like comes to encourage the small finance within the country.

The Youth-Minister for Science and Technology, Asim Nawaz, and Member National Youth Assembly, Raja Yasir Ayoub, at this occasion, said, "this may be a positive step of up saving and promoting culture of saving in youth through the saving instrument".They additionally projected that the govt ought to additionally introduce Student Education Bonds, which might be wont to facilitate the scholars to foot the bill for his or her education.

The Director General, Zafar M. Shaikh, given nominating `Goodwill Ambassadors' from the national/international achievers of National Youth Assembly.He said, "National

Youth Assembly will facilitate the National Savings Organization to publicize its youth-welfare and youth- central theme Student Welfare Bond by victimization its broad network 0across the country".



First Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
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100/- 01 700,000 03 200,000 1,199 1,000